Rise Above

I am sure many have heard of this saying that life is one step forward and two steps back. The truth is that "Life is difficult". To say it otherwise denies the realities of the occurrences. Accepting this truth is to rise above the difficulties just as you face the them day by day.

Do not for a while think that this is a negative thought and thus a taboo to positive thinking. Boiling water is very hot. A fact. As such taking all realistic measures to not have skin contact with it is wise. We use a mug to carry it. We can even harness its power by putting it in a flask so that we can have some hot beverage to sip on when we are out in the park on a cold day.

Accepting the fact that boiling water is hot allows one to rise above it. Not only that one is able to realistically ensure there is no skin contact with it, one is also able to harness its energy to keep the body warm.

When you accept the facts of life that life is difficult, you will surpass it and achieve evolutionary progress.

To name a few, Alexander Graham Bell gave us the telephone, the Wright brothers - the plane and Thomas Edison - the light bulb.

Life is difficult but, those who are able to embrace the facts of life will rise above it.

by Aloy L. Counsellor, Author, Speaker. He has rigorously trained in counselling and psychotherapy, served full-time in ministries, and worked businesses on solid principles. His calling and mission are to counsel, write, and speak Hope to all.

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