Basic Needs

The basic needs of humanity are:

  1. Spiritual - Personal, Relational
  2. People have a profound need for,
    • Security - the perception of being loved
    • Self-worth - the perception of being valued
    • Significance - the perception of intent and objective of life

  3. Rational - Thinking
  4. Thinking according to reality and truth. Rational thinkers think aptly about themselves and the world they live in.

  5. Volitional - Will, Choice, Objective
  6. People's beliefs fashion their goals. People are a consequence of their choices and this makes them fully responsible for their choices.

  7. Emotional - Feelings
  8. Emotional stability denotes responsiveness to emotions but not to be dictated by them. Emotions can be conceived as pleasant or unpleasant, constructive or destructive. Destructive emotions consist of three main categories:
    • anger (and resentment, bitterness) when achieving a goal is obstructed
    • guilt (and shame) happens when a goal is unachievable
    • anxiety (or fear) causes goals to be evaded
    Emotional denial is a dominant issue for many. This is generally a consequence of rejection and the urgency for self-preservation. Emotions are amoral - the question is, what was rendered of them.

  9. Physical
  10. Everyone yearns for physical well-being but it can be gravely afflicted by all the aspects recorded above and must be taken seriously.

by Aloy L. Counsellor, Author, Speaker. He has rigorously trained in counselling and psychotherapy, served full-time in ministries, and worked businesses on solid principles. His calling and mission are to counsel, write, and speak Hope to all.

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